SCOPE Synopsis, January 2012 #1

Suicide and Bullying Issue Brief, Suicide Prevention Resource Center

Victims AND perpetrators of bullying face higher risks of suicide, as compared to their peer group. Personal characteristics and risk factors can combine to increase children’s risk of being bullied and for suicidal behavior. “LGBT youth attempt suicide at a rate 2-4 times higher than that of their heterosexual peers” (SPRC, 2008). School-based prevention programs should include gatekeeper training and screening, as well as referrals to mental health services. In order to prevent suicide AND violence, primary strategies should include “the promotion of social support, participation, cohesion, and integration, as well as the reduction of social isolation” (CDC, n.d.). Recommendations include starting prevention early, staying abreast of technology, attending to LGBT and gender non-conforming youth and utilizing a comprehensive approach.


Prevalence and Implementation Fidelity of Research-Based Prevention Programs in Public Schools, US Department of Education

While K-12 schools report implementing a large number of prevention programs, only a very few (7.8%) were supported by research evidence. Less than half (44.3%) of those prevention programs that were research-based were implemented effectively. School and district characteristics (size, location) may impact effectiveness of implementation. Programming factors (initial, amount of and support for ongoing training) may impact the types of approaches that could be effective. Possible improvements could include limiting funding to effective prevention programs and creating implementation standards.

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