SCOPE Synopsis, February 2012 #2

Regulating Alcohol Outlet Density: An Action Guide, Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America

An extremely effective approach to reducing problem drinking and its effects is to limit the availability of alcohol within a given area. On-premise consumption locations include bars restaurants and clubs, while off-premise consumption locations include liquor stores, grocery stores, convenience stores and big-box stores. Factors identified that may affect alcohol density were: outlet size, sales volume, clustering, location, neighborhood environmental factors, size of the community, number and type of alcohol outlets and illegal behavior. Two local land use tools that could be utilized to regulate alcohol outlet density were Conditional Use Permits (CUP) and Deemed Approved Ordinances (DAO). Nine action steps for local and state-level policy advocacy were also identified.


Parent Engagement: Strategies for Involving Parents in School Health, Centers for Disease Control

Parent engagement in school is a protective factor against at-risk behaviors for young people. Steps that schools could take to increase parent engagement in health promotion activities were identified. Parent engagement in schools was defined as “parents and schools working together to enhance and improve the development of children and adolescents.” Efforts should be part of a coordinated school health framework. Create positive connections with parents, provide a variety of activities and frequent opportunities to engage parents and sustain their engagement by addressing common challenges. Communicate a shared vision, assess your capacity and offer professional development for staff. Provide parenting support to develop and maintain healthy models. Collaborate with the community to build upon your foundation.

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