SCOPE Thought Piece, Question #8: Should prevention efforts be piecemeal or strategic within risk areas to maximize effectiveness? How about across risk areas? What suggestions do you have for schools and campuses looking to develop and apply a strategic prevention curriculum, including content, timing, dosage, audience and more?

Beth DeRicco, Ph.D.

Having a strategic focus is always critical, regardless of risk area under consideration; the items above form a basis for suggestions – a focus process, a foundational understanding of learning and change theory, social communication, etc.  Audiences need to be segmented based on positions – those in leadership roles need to focus on funders, other managers, power brokers and the like.  Those in the trenches need to focus on the at-risk population. Managers of operations need to focus on those they supervise, however the overriding approach must be strategic, process-oriented, comprehensive and based on level of readiness.  Dosage is a question that we know little about, however we do know that following the vagaries of funding sources is not helpful to creating cultural change.  Rather than looking toward literature on particular content areas, a focus on cultural and organizational change will help us to delineate aspects of dosage.

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