SCOPE and Men Can Stop Rape’s Healthy Masculinity Action Project

It has been an interesting few weeks online when it comes to discussing masculinity. From The Atlantic’s “Having It All” article on work-life balance, to Vice President Biden’s “1 is Too Many” relationship violence public service announcement, to the coverage of the Sandusky/Penn State child sex abuse scandal, men’s role in prevention has never been more apparent.

SCOPE cannot state strongly enough how important men’s involvement is to the prevention of sexual violence. In addition to shifting gender norms, empowering bystanders, role modeling for children and being supportive friends and partners, men are personally impacted by violence against themselves and their loved ones.

Victims, survivors and advocates have made incredible strides over the last few decades, but the one of the most impactful changes in the anti-sexual violence movement over the last ten years or so is the organized and concerted effort of men- groups, publications, conferences, trainings and more. SCOPE is proud to count Men Can Stop Rape among its Prevention Partners and to serve as one of their Healthy Masculinity Action Project Allies.

We must all pledge to continue working with men on our campuses and in our communities, as part of our comprehensive campaign to end sexual violence. Reframing what healthy masculinity can be will have a marked effect on sexual violence rates.

What are some of the projects or campaigns that have been successful in your experience? Where should future programs’ focus lie? What research informs your understanding of masculinity’s role in sexual violence?

Please share your thoughts below and join the dialogue around this important element of prevention. Men Can Stop Rape will link back to this blog post through their blog carnival in July 2012.

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