SCOPE President joins Editorial Board of new Violence and Gender Journal

SCOPE is proud to announce that Brian Van Brunt, Ed.D., President, has joined the Editorial Board of the timely and important new peer-reviewed journal, Violence and Gender. The quarterly, open, in print and online journal will make its debut in late 2013 as the newest of Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., Publisher’s many peer reviewed publications related to cutting edge topics and emerging areas of fundamental research.

Male-perpetrated violence such as the tragedies at the Boston Marathon, Sandy Hook School and Columbine are increasing in their number, nature and impacts. The motives, conditions and circumstances for such behaviors are poorly understood. The purpose of Violence and Gender is to provide comprehensive investigation of the gender basis, root causes and contributing factors of violent acts with the goals of identifying risk factors and early onset behaviors that are red flags for this type of violence. The goal of the Journal will be to better understand, predict and prevent acts of violence through the critical examination of biological, genetic, behavioral, psychological, racial, ethnic and cultural factors as they relate to the gender of perpetrators of violence.  Violence and Gender will be the “must-read” information source for all related disciplines impacted and interested in acts of violence.

Beginning with its premier issue, Violence and Gender will be available to library and institutional subscribers in 40 countries. Additionally,

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