The NCHERM Group Introduces Shortcut for Colleges to Easily Comply with Campus SaVE Act

By now, many in higher education have taken a look at the VAWA Reauthorization section known as the Campus SaVE Act. This act is now law, with enforcement expected to kick in a year from now. Start planning now, because there is a lot to this new law. This amendment changes the Clery Act in ways much more substantive than previous amendments. While amendments before asked administrators to disclose existing policies, they largely did not require the creation of new policies except for the set of amendments contained in the 1992 Campus Sexual Assault Victim’s Bill of Rights. Now, those disclosures and rights have been largely eclipsed by the SaVE amendments, which will require the field to develop significant new policy language, much of the content of which is prescribed by the SaVE Act.

Summary of changes

  • New hate crime categories added to the Annual Security Report
  • New hate crimes and definitions added to the Annual Security Report
  • Primary prevention and awareness programs required for all incoming students and new employees
  • Applicable jurisdiction’s definitions for hate crimes and consent required in policy
  • Bystander intervention options required in policy
  • Ongoing prevention and awareness campaigns required
  • Parties entitled to the same opportunities to a support person/advisor at any proceeding or meeting
  • Officials responsible for institutional disciplinary procedures must receive annual training
  • Policy statements to include written explanation of:
    • the rights of victims
    • institutional responsibilities
    • information about confidentiality
    • prevention of retaliation

The NCHERM Group has a shortcut to SaVE you time. They have created template language to satisfy all of the new SaVE Act disclosure requirements (at least as best can be deciphered before regulations are issued). It’s eight pages of model language containing policy and procedure information outlined by Title IX and Campus SaVE. This template is available from The NCHERM Group for $249.

To purchase the SaVE disclosure template, visit the online store or contact Alisha DiGiandomenico at (610) 644-3387. Please note that this template only includes the new ASR required disclosures, not all updates that were made by SaVE, such as those involving hate crimes statistics and hate crime categories.

For additional information, please contact:

Alisha DiGiandomenico
Client Relations

Click here for the official press release.

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